When you look at the profile of Poppy Summers, there is more to this story than meets the eye. You see, Poppy started her career as a stand up comedian at colleges and Universities before she decided to branch out into acting full time. Now that she has found her niche in Hollywood and is being used more as an actress in TV shows, film projects, and video games than ever before, it’s clear to see why she would like to create a profile on a social networking site like MySpace or Squidoo. She wants people to know who she is, what she does, and how funny she can be.

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When looking at the Poppy Summers profile on MySpace, you will find that it is a very professional and neat page. Her profile picture shows a nice smiley face with long hair, which lends itself nicely to making a great first impression. There are no broken English sentences, and most profiles have lots of punctuation, which is good to go for since this is supposed to be a real profile, not a made up name. You will also see that the Poppy Summers MySpace page has been updated recently, and it shows that she loves being a part of the cyber world.

Of course, when you look at the MySpace page in its entirety, you will find that the Poppy Summers seems to be everywhere. She has her own MySpace page where she displays her various talents, and her movie clip “Poppy Summers” is listed in the favorites, along with a few other clips. In fact, the Internet savvy folks that find her profiles and get to like her have probably liked her since day one. It seems that even if she isn’t using the Internet to promote herself, she likes to make it known to everyone who is around her that she is someone worth following on the Internet. So, when you browse through the MySpace pages for Poppy Summers, keep in mind that she is a bright and talented young lady, who has a lot to offer anyone willing to take a chance with her.