If you’ve been looking for a way to write a custom paper without a lot of effort, you should try the custom writing wizard. It’s designed to help people of all ages learn how to write, and it has 26 animated stickers and sound effects to help you along the way. The Writing Wizard also features four games that animate letters and words. Upon completion of an exercise, you can choose to replay it or export it as a PDF.

The Writing Wizard is a comprehensive app for kids that teaches them to trace letters. It uses 26 fun stickers to make the writing process fun and easy, while also helping teachers and parents keep track of their students’ progress. The app is also fully customizable, allowing parents and teachers to create their own word lists for specific topics and abilities. Writing Wizard is available in the iPad App Store, worldwide. Contact the developer for a promo code. You can also conduct an interview with the creators.

The Writing Wizard also teaches students how to write letters in a specific order. It starts with fine motor skills development, and advances to writing letters and numbers. The Writing Wizard emphasizes the importance of correct letter formation, and includes many of the world’s most popular handwriting styles. Students can practice writing names, sight words, and more with the help of customized word lists that feature audio and visual cues. The Writing Wizard has a built-in writing tool for students, and helps teachers create word lists to teach students how to write letters.

Moreover, the Writing Wizard app is customizable, so parents can track the progress of their child as they practice writing letters and words. It also helps kids learn how to write a particular word or letter by tracing the outline of a letter. The app also features a left-handed mode for kids, and a five-star progressive tracing system. Its tracing system also enables parents to use the writing wizard app while sitting down with their child.