ArtofPapers – Choosing the Right Art Paper For Your Purposes


ArtofPapers – Choosing the Right Art Paper For Your Purposes


Artists using paper as their medium have produced beautiful art for a variety of different purposes. From constructing a paper city in Amsterdam to designing a Scottish crofter’s cottage, the art of paper can take on many forms. The following artists make their works available for purchase and are worth checking out. Here are some examples of what you can expect from each. Hopefully you’ll find something you like! Until then, enjoy browsing through the artofpapers website!

Rough surface paper is the most heavily textured of all the papers available. During manufacturing, blankets are used to press the paper, which gives it its heavily textured surface. This type of paper is popular for landscape watercolours, abstract art, and mixed media work. This type of surface also attracts dusty pigments. Artists working in this medium often choose this type of paper. A variety of Japanese papers are available to suit your specific needs and the style you’re working on.

Machine-made paper is smoother and more regular than hand-made paper. The type of screen used affects the paper’s surface texture. A number of papers have a “lay-down” finish, formed by a fine wire screen. The thickness of paper depends on the manufacturing process, and weight is a good indicator of its thickness. Some wood-based papers are suitable for practice work with dry media such as pastels and charcoals, while others have coatings that provide more tooth and grab the filaments of the dry media.

Size is another crucial factor in choosing the right paper for your purposes. Some types of art papers are internally sized, while others have a gelatin-based sizing. While internal sizing is a good option if you’re working with wet media, this type of paper is not recommended for use with oils and pastels. Paints and ink will sit on the surface, and your finished piece will not be as sharp or as vibrant as it could be.

The weight of art paper is important, as heavier papers are more durable and absorbent. Artists and crafters often prefer a heavier paper than lighter papers, as it has a more substantial feel. Heavyweight paper also offers better mounting capabilities. The average household print paper weighs between 60 and 100gsm, which is typical for an A4 sheet. Our fine art paper is available in a range of weights to suit any budget.

The type of surface you choose will impact your artwork dramatically. If you want your images to look great and last long, fine art paper is the way to go. Fine art papers are made specifically for this purpose and should have the right texture and surface layer to support your pigments and inks. Moreover, they should be pH neutral. Using the right surface is crucial for a great art piece, so don’t be afraid to experiment.